An Important 2012 Trend | Point, Know & Buy

In January of 2012, with the help of trendwatching's research, I released a FREE report, 12 Interesting Trends Health Club and Fitness Leaders and Brands Should Keep Their Eyes On . Today, I'm sharing a follow on 20 page report titled, Point, Know & Buy 2012, An Important Trend Health Club And Fitness Industry Trend. This report addresses how Smartphone technology, applications and changing consumers are converging to impact how brands interact and how commerce can be conducted in a new world of possibilities. Point, Know and Buy is one of the 12 trends I shared in my prior report. Here is an excerpt:

Health clubs & fitness brands are not immune from these trends. Some will have the vision to seize the opportunities provided while others will ignore them at their own peril. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination, and there are no clear cut answers.

In addition to great examples of emerging technologies the report also includes several videos of those technologies. You'll think some of it is science fiction, and its not. The Point, Know and Buy trend is a tremendous sea change that leaders need to pay close attention to. I'm working with several brands and startups who are targeting this opportunity with new applications and potential business models. It is very interesting and exciting. Many thanks to my colleague and friend Michael Scott Scudder for his quote in the introduction of the report. He continues to help me learn and understand the business and industry and I am grateful for that.

So tell me Bryan O'Rourke, what can you imagine will emerge in the health club and fitness industry to respond to the Point, Know and Buy trend ? I'd love to hear your thoughts about the overview and videos.

About the author:

Bryan O’Rourke is a health club industry expert, technologist, financier, and shareholder and executive in several fitness companies. He consults with global brands, serves as a member of the GGFA Think Tank is Chair of the Medical Fitness Association’s Education Committee, is President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council and a partner in Fitmarc, Integerus, Fitsomo and the Flywheel Group. To learn more contact Bryan here today .