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Still Investing In Old School Advertising ? Don't [VIDEO]

Advertising; its a big part of any marketing strategy, but I'm not sure many business owners, particularly in the health club industry or the fitness industry in general, understand it. A lot of marketing practices remain stuck in the past and as a result advertising resources wasted [burned hence the photo]. Therefore I'd suggest people take time to carefully reevaluate their strategy and advertising campaigns.

Fundamental shifts have occurred in how people decide to buy. You've heard it, buyers don't trust advertising anymore. Marketing’s new charter is to gain the trust of buyers by enabling them; only then can they influence a buyers’ journey.Fitness industry players, both in the B2C and B2B world need to reevaluate their messaging and engagement efforts in light of this. New marketing and advertising methodologies like Zero Moments Of Truth [ZMOT], are demonstrating better ways of approaching the buying process. At the recent Zeitgeist conference in Europe, Maurice Levy had this to say about digital presence:

Leaders must shift their advertising investment from  traditional means to the new world. Buyers are sharing. They are sharing when they like a brand.They are sharing when they don't like a brand. This has accelerated the empowerment of the consumer and has dramatically changed the way brands must advertise. People are reacting immediately. For example, you take global retailer GAP, which took two weeks after a huge investment to have the brand go  back to the old logo. By comparison, if you go back to the '80s, it took 18 months for Coca-Cola to come back with Classic Coke. That's the difference.

Check out the Zero Moment Of Truth Video below and please tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think about advertising and marketing strategies in light of the change technology has provided buyers ? What is your digital presence and platform ? What are you planning to do about it ?

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Reader Comments (2)

Absolutely agree on both Bryan's commentary and the ZMOT video. It especially applies to our industry. Members over the age of 40 have likely joined at least 3-5 different facilities in their adult lives, and they are just better informed of how to evaluate a health club. They have been through the "fill out the Guest Card for liability reasons" and the "complimentary 60-minute PT" session all too many times, and come into a potential new buying experience with their "sales alarms" ringing.

My belief is that technology is enabling "educational selling" (see Chad Holmes) to replace "strategic selling" very quickly, and we as club professionals can leverage this to both our Customer's and our benefit.

The old ways of flooding the market with direct mail and billboards is long-gone...thank goodness!

As usual, Bryan, super commentary on the very big, "right now" issue of technology and how it is changing our landscape.

July 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSean Graham

Bryan and Sean very insightful and truthful...

Technology will always be at an advantage when its fullest potential is understood. Never leave the relationship of education and motivation and mentorship alone to technology unless it is the pathway to each....

September 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTerry D Kennedy

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